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Our mission is to provide our community with healthy, ethical and progressive choices for personal, cultural and planetary wellbeing through the
practice and promotion of co-operative principles.

Welcome to the Maple Street Co-op

The Maple Street Co-op is a health food shop supplying local, organic, wholesome and ethical products while providing support and education to our members and the community.

We aim to promote healthy lifestyles by providing high-quality foods and products, created according to the principles of organic production, social ethics and environmental sensitivity, and making them available at a reasonable price to Co-op members and the community.

The Maple Street Co-op benefits the Maleny region as an employer, provider of locally produced fruit, vegetables and other products and services, and as a promoter of cooperative principles.

Further Update on the 2015 AGM



To be held on THURSDAY 8th OCTOBER 2015 at 6.00pm for 6:30pm start 

at The UpFront Club, 31 Maple Street, Maleny.

The Financial Audit is available for viewing at the registered office (Maple Street Cooperative). A limited number of copies will be available on the night.
The draft minutes from the 2014 AGM can be found here.

The minutes from the SGM held February 2015 can be found here.


Applications for nomination as a Director at our AGM closed last Thursday on 17th September.

The following three people nominated for the two available positions:

  • Garry Claridge
  • Sammy Ringer
  • Jenny Fitzgibbon
Each has supplied a brief introduction below:

Garry Claridge
On most days I can be found at the Upfront Club. Many of my meals for the last 15 years have been cooked and consumed there - and at least two coffees each day. While I am there I feel comforted by the fact that I belong as an owner of the business and hence a part of its presence. The relaxed unpretentious atmosphere and being able to often find somebody for a chat or simply hiding away to read, are important features which I keep enjoying. Being often present in the Club has built for me a friendship association with the staff, management and other members, this feels like being in a big family home.

The Maple Street co-op is my next stop, after the Upfront Club, for food and sustenance. I even ask for and receive advice on nutritional and product information, hence establishing communicative relationships with the staff. As well, I enjoy the atmosphere of the operations of a locally owned social enterprise. I have from time-to-time been a consignor of fruit and vegetables, and have contributed time and energy by assisting with operational tasks.
Offering to contribute as a member of the Board of Directors is important to me as it meets my need for economic cooperation. Offering skills, knowledge and energy are a part of this contribution. What can I offer:
•   Experienced peaceful group work for good use of time to collaborate on productive outcomes.
•   Experience from previous and current membership of other social enterprise boards and management committees.
•   From academic studies at undergraduate and graduate levels in economics, business and information systems, an understanding of business finances and the use of tools for business planning support.
•   Development of written proposals for clarity of communication, and realistic consideration and discussion by other group members.
•   Systems thinking, with a background as a business systems analyst and knowledge of complex systems functionality.
•   Strategic planning skills and experience.
•   As a former Army officer, an understanding of and appreciation for organisational policies and related processes, and effective human communication methods.
•   Ability to "let go" of any attachment to ideas and proposals which are not accepted by the group.

Sammy Ringer
My background was in advertising and television writing (soaps, documentaries, drama and children’s programs).
I came to Maleny in 1994.
Was a founding member of the UpFront Club.
On the Board of the Club during the late nineties.
I was, until my resignation in August of this year, assistant to the Manager of the Co-ops. A part time position.
Currently I volunteer for the Co-ops 5-10 hours a week.
Editor, Maple St Co-op News
Editor, Australian Bushfoods magazine online
Membership secretary, Bat Rescue
Advertising, desktop publishing and general maintenance for the UpFront Club.

Jenny Fitzgibbon
I have been a member of both co-ops since I came here in 2001 (I think! Maybe I lapsed …) and as a muso, really appreciate the Club’s constant support for live music. I have worked as a barrista in Darwin’s Roma Bar, as a bar worker at nearly every festival I have been at. 
I ran a successful small business (employing many casuals) with my partner for many years in the revegetation/native seed collection industry, while working as a professional musician and part-time Aged Care worker. I know my way around a computer, have a good knowledge of MYOB (first learned in the deep end on the board of the Environment Centre of the NT and updated regularly since) and keen to learn more in this much more complex business. I came to Australia from Ireland as an industrial design engineer, but being fundraiser for Community Aid Abroad/Oxfam in the NT has been my best non-music job so far.
I appreciate the Co-ops for their contribution to local growers, employment and trading in the town and for the fact that someone knowledgeable has taken much of the decision-making out of using my limited food budget ethically. I am keen to work with the other board members to ensure the financial and social thriving of a place I see as embodying the personality and vibe of the town in so many ways.



To be held on THURSDAY 8th OCTOBER 2015 at 6.00pm for 6:30pm start

at The UpFront Club, 31 Maple Street, Maleny.

Notes in relation to the AGM are included at the end of this Notice. Please read the notes carefully.


1. Welcome and Apologies

2. Confirmation of Minutes of the 2014 AGM and Special General Meeting February 2015.

MOTION: That the minutes of the 34th Annual General Meeting of the Maple Street Co-operative Society Limited held 30 October 2014 be accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

MOTION: That the minutes of the Special General Meeting of the Maleny Cooperative Club Limited held 12th February 2015 be accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

3. Presentation of the Director’s report

4. Consideration and Acceptance of the Financial Statements and Auditor’s report for the financial year 2014/2015

MOTION: That the auditor’s report and financial statements for the financial year 2014/2015 be accepted as presented. 

5. Election of Directors – There are a maximum of 9 directors. There are 2 vacancies to be filled. 

6. Special Motion regarding the requirements for Active Membership

MOTION:  That the existing Active Membership requirements in clause 5.1 of the rules for Maple Street Co-operative Society Limited be amended to remove the following:  A member shall trade through the cooperative a minimum of   $120 (or other amount as determined by the Board from time to time) of goods or services in the past financial year to establish active membership of the cooperative. And insert the following:

A member shall trade $120 of goods and services in the 12 months prior to giving notice of a general meeting to establish active membership of the cooperative.

7. Director’s Remuneration

MOTION: That the directors receive $40.00 per meeting attended credited to their Maple Street Co-operative shop account and a 5% discount additional to their 5% members discount, making a total discount of 10% on goods purchased.

8. Appreciations

9. Meeting Close



Proxies are available by request from secretary@maplestreetco-op.com  and must be completed and received by Tuesday 6th October 2015.  

Active members are people who have at least one share in the Co-op and have spent over $120 at the shop in the 2014-2015 financial year.  

Nominations for Director Forms are available from the secretary at secretary@maplestreetco-op.com, completed, witnessed by two other members and returned by 4 pm Thursday 17th September.  The documents can be scanned and sent to secretary@maplestreetco-op.com or left for the secretary at the office at the Maple Street Co-op shop.  

Item 7 The proposed amendment is in keeping with the existing primary activity and aims to extend voting rights to new members who join after the end of the financial year but spend the specified amount before the notice of any General Meeting.  This recognises that Annual General Meetings may be held up to 5 months after the end of the financial year and that Special General Meetings may be held at any time.  The words in brackets have also been removed so that members can determine the amount of goods and services as required. No other change in the Rules is required to support this amendment.  The co-operative already keeps records of people’s purchases and these are currently reviewed prior to General Meetings to confirm their eligibility to vote.  For Annual General Meetings, any inactive members are identified at that time as set out in Rule 20 (1) (b) and Rule 38(2).

Under section 121 of the Cooperatives Act 1997 –

You are eligible to vote on the special resolution.

A member cannot vote if the member is not an active member of the cooperative.

• Members should note that in accordance with section 125 of the Act and rule 20, membership of an inactive member must be cancelled by the board.

Section 125 of the Cooperatives Act 1997 Cancellation of membership of inactive member

The board of a cooperative must declare the membership of a member cancelled if–

• The whereabouts of the member are not presently known to the cooperative and have not been known to the cooperative for at least the required period before that time; or

• The member is not presently an active member of the cooperative and has not been an active member of the cooperative at any time during the required period immediately before that time.

This section applies to a member only if he or she was a member of the cooperative throughout the required period

Maple Street Co-operative Board Report to Members

Dear Members,

Thanks for your support and input at our Listening Table and in our Member Forums. We have greatly appreciated your feedback and helpful suggestions. Thanks also to Sammy on her work for the Gala Garden Party and to all the volunteers who turned out on the day.  
You did a great job and your friendly enthusiasm brightened the day and the garden!

Budget 2016
The work of the Board this month has focused on developing the operational budget for the coming financial year and also on the audit preparations.  The Budget is based on a modest increase given the increasingly competitive market and we expect the Co-op to continue to show a healthy financial situation throughout the year.  Dorian will prepare a set of graphs to be included in the report to members for the AGM and we are grateful for his expertise and assistance.

Karen Syrmis is working on identifying new grants and other sources of income for both cooperatives but this, and special events, have not been included in our calculations as we are reasonably confident of being able to operate with the budget. 

Shop News
Our Manager, Coby, has arranged a regular Product Awareness Day to inform members of new lines and how to use special products.  We will also be informing members of specials through our email list, so if you aren’t receiving them, please let the staff know so we can be sure we have your correct contact details.

Thanks to Sue for her research on wholesale flour prices and companies. Coby reported that the new flour supplier is one of the very few Multi-certified Organic Mills in Australia and its grain products are guaranteed to comply with the highest international standards of organic certification.  We know this is important to our members and is a key consideration in our buying policy.

Thanks also to the staff who volunteered hours to us for the Caloundra show holiday. Our suppliers did very well in the fruit and veg section – as we might expect.

Looking for New Directors
Preparations have started for the next AGM in October when we will need to find a few new Directors. If you have skills or interest in finance, retail, governance, or cooperatives and would like to work in a consensus-based, team environment, please contact the secretary at secretary@maplestreetco-op.com or  identify yourself to one of our Directors at Friday’s Board Listening Table. See below for the schedule for the Board Listening Table as they are sometimes in the mornings and sometimes in the afternoons. If you're interested, but want to know more about what Directors do, look out for our Directors Information meeting later this year. 

Renew Your Membership Now
Annual memberships are now due so please renew your subscriptions either in the store or on-line here.

The Autumn 2015 Co-op News

Welcome Cobi, Manager, Maple St Co-op

The Board is pleased to advise that, following a review of the structure, organisation and procedures of the Co-op, it has appointed Yacoba (Cobi) Verstraten as Manager of the Maple St Co-op. Cobi has been employed by the Co-op for 12 years. Starting as our cleaner, Cobi has proven her commitment to Co-operative principals, demonstrated a strong work ethic and capability. This led to her appointment as Store Manager 4 years ago.

The Management of the Co-op has been undertaken in the past by Alan Harrington and more recently Karen Syrmis. Under Karen’s stewardship many vital changes were made to the operations of the business. These very positive changes have led to the current state where an overseeing role is no longer required and we again thank Karen for her valued assistance to the Co-op.

On behalf of the Board and all members, I wish Cobi every success in her new role and we look forward to working with her into the future.

Chairman of the Board

Summer 2014 Newsletter:


Previous issues of the newsletter can be found here

The Consignors' Club

Would you like to join a loose group of people growing specialist produce for the Co-op?

The idea is that new (and old!) consignors work together to supply heirloom vegetables, give each other support and advice and, most importantly, schedule what's being grown to avoid a 'glut and drought' situation.

Heirloom vegetables are sought after - and this is where we will start.

There is also a demand for Rosellas and we might look at these as well.

Our meetings and advice could all be done on-line - which is not to say we won't meet for a coffee now and then. If you're interested contact me....sammy - at - ausbushfoods.com

The Children's Garden Grows

Dwarf fruit trees donated


The Sunshine Coast Regional Council have been very supportive of the Children’s Community Garden behind the Co-op,  donating mulch, signage and seedlings to the endeavour. Last week, Bruce Smith (Council’s Parks Community Partnership  Officer) put a smile on everyone’s face when he turned up with two trays of dwarf fruit trees.

 Kate Kazony, one of the driving forces behind the garden, was delighted.

Pictured, Garry Claridge, Kate Kazony and Bruce Smith from Council.  

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