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Our mission is to provide our community with healthy, ethical and progressive choices for personal, cultural and planetary wellbeing through the
practice and promotion of co-operative principles.

Welcome to the Maple Street Co-op

The Maple Street Co-op is a health food shop supplying local, organic, wholesome and ethical products while providing support and education to our members and the community.

We aim to promote healthy lifestyles by providing high-quality foods and products, created according to the principles of organic production, social ethics and environmental sensitivity, and making them available at a reasonable price to Co-op members and the community.

The Maple Street Co-op benefits the Maleny region as an employer, provider of locally produced fruit, vegetables and other products and services, and as a promoter of cooperative principles.



To be held on THURSDAY 12TH FEBRUARY 2015 at 5.30pm for 6:00pm start

at The UpFront Club, 31 Maple Street, Maleny.

Notes in relation to the SGM are included at the end of this Notice. Please read the notes carefully.


1.                Welcome and Apologies

2.      Background to the meeting including the following motion from the Board Meeting held 20th January 2015 at 9.15 am at the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre:

“That in recognition of the disfunctionality of the Board and factionalism that has existed for approximately 2 years, the Board calls a Special General Meeting so that members can decide on a functional Board to direct the organisations and that this be held as soon as possible.”

3.      Election of an Independent Chairperson to conduct the election of the Board

4.      Election of Directors – There are a maximum of 9 and a minimum of 7 director positions to be filled.

5.      Appreciations

6.      Meeting Close                                        



Proxy forms are available here and Nomination forms here  or by emailing secretary@maplestreetco-op.com or from the office at the Maple Street Co-op shop, 37 Maple Street, Maleny.

Proxies - Any active member who is unable to attend the SGM, but would like their vote recorded, can complete a proxy form nominating another active member to vote on their behalf.

Nominations for Director - If any member would like to nominate to become a Director, nominations will need to be completed on the Nomination for Directors form and lodged at the office at the Maple Street Co-op shop or electronically to the secretary by 4 pm on Wednesday 11th February 2015. Election will be by secret ballot and the candidates who receive the highest number of votes will be considered elected until the nine positions are filled. Please be sure your membership is up to date and you are also an active member eligible to vote.

The purpose of the Board is to oversee the setting of policy, to be involved in strategic planning and to represent the entire membership. The term of office for Directors is four years. Following this election, 2 Directors will stand down in the first year and 2 and 3 Directors in each subsequent year. The order in which Directors stand down will be decided by lot as set out in our rules for the First and Subsequent Directors (r48).

All Board members are expected to have and use an email address and to come to monthly meetings prepared, having read and absorbed circulated material. We recommend you check out the Office of Fair Trading website and make yourself familiar with the rights and obligations of Directors.

Manager, Maple St Co-op

The Board is pleased to advise that, following a review of the structure, organisation and procedures of the Co-op, it has appointed Yacoba (Cobi) Verstraten as Manager of the Maple St Co-op. Cobi has been employed by the Co-op for 12 years. Starting as our cleaner, Cobi has proven her commitment to Co-operative principals, demonstrated a strong work ethic and capability. This led to her appointment as Store Manager 4 years ago.

The Management of the Co-op has been undertaken in the past by Alan Harrington and more recently Karen Syrmis. Under Karen’s stewardship many vital changes were made to the operations of the business. These very positive changes have led to the current state where an overseeing role is no longer required and we again thank Karen for her valued assistance to the Co-op.

Our Interim General Manager will remain in place for a few more weeks until further reviews of the UpFront Club and Board Governance are completed.

On behalf of the Board and all members, I wish Cobi every success in her new role and we look forward to working with her into the future.

Chairman of the Board

Summer 2014 Newsletter:


Previous issues of the newsletter can be found here

The Consignors' Club

Would you like to join a loose group of people growing specialist produce for the Co-op?

The idea is that new (and old!) consignors work together to supply heirloom vegetables, give each other support and advice and, most importantly, schedule what's being grown to avoid a 'glut and drought' situation.

Heirloom vegetables are sought after - and this is where we will start.

There is also a demand for Rosellas and we might look at these as well.

Our meetings and advice could all be done on-line - which is not to say we won't meet for a coffee now and then. If you're interested contact me....sammy - at - ausbushfoods.com

The Children's Garden Grows

Dwarf fruit trees donated


The Sunshine Coast Regional Council have been very supportive of the Children’s Community Garden behind the Co-op,  donating mulch, signage and seedlings to the endeavour. Last week, Bruce Smith (Council’s Parks Community Partnership  Officer) put a smile on everyone’s face when he turned up with two trays of dwarf fruit trees.

 Kate Kazony, one of the driving forces behind the garden, was delighted.

  Pictured, Garry Claridge, Kate Kazony and Bruce Smith from Council.  


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Public Holidays: 9:00am to 4:00pm

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